Covenant Path: Mayflower – Temple Tour (2022)

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On this tour, you will visit some of the most important historical sites related to the Pilgrims, Puritans, and early Latter-day Saints in America. You will begin in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the Pilgrims landed in 1620. Then to Barnstable, where the Puritans settled in 1620. Barnstable is where the oldest bible is located. From there, you will go to Boston Commons and the American Revolution. The French Huguenots were also a big part of the American Revolution covenant.

On Saturday, you will travel to Manhattan and visit St. Paul’s Trinity Church and Ground Zero. George Washington put the nation into a covenant during the inauguration of his first presidency, at St. Pauls’s Trinity Church, and people if people were to break this covenant, they would fall. The fall of the World Trade Center was the literal fulfillment of that.

After Crossing the Delaware where the tide of the revolutionary war turned, you will walk among a representation of The nations temple, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln memorial.

On Sunday, you will visit the Washington national cemetery, where America has laid thousands of her patriots to rest.

Then to valley forge, where the American Revolution truly turned around.

On Monday, you will visit Watkins Glen, a spectacular glass factory in upstate New York. The Watkins Glen glass factory is a spectacular example of early American craftsmanship. The Seneca Lake camp is named after the early Latter-day Saint women who had a significant impact on the early pioneer days. These two sites are connected by the fact that they both represent the history of America’s early settlers.

On Tuesday, you will visit Palmyra, the sacred grove, and the Joseph Smith family farm. Palmyra is where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was founded in 1830

On Wednesday, you will visit the Herkimer diamond mine and the Kirkland temple.

>describe the significance of the Herkimer diamond mine and the kirtland temple.

On Thursday, you will tour Niagara Falls and learn about the connection between the Pilgrims, Puritans, and Nephites.

This tour will help you understand America’s covenant history and legacy from ancient times to the present day.

Then you will go to Niagara Falls and the Kirkland temple. You will also learn about the connection between the Pilgrims & Puritans and the Nephites. Finally, you will visit Palmyra, New York to see the Sacred Grove and the Joseph Smith family farm.,

Discover the connection between the Pilgrims & Puritans and the Nephites on this tour that takes you from the settling of the new world in 1620 with the Mayflower settlers into the events of 1776 in Boston. We will explore the covenant America is under from ancient times to when George Washington spoke covenant language on the steps of an old church still standing today near the site of the World Trade Center tragedy. We travel to Valley Forge and to the Crossing of the Waters in Delaware to learn of America’s ongoing legacy You will also visit Seneca Lake Camp, a church camp named after early Latter-day Saint women who crossed the country in the winter of 1856. Our guide will share with you what life was like for them as they made their way westward.

This tour will take you from the settling of the new world in 1620 with the Mayflower settlers into the events of 1776 in Boston. We will explore the connection between the Pilgrims & Puritans and the Nephites on this tour as we visit key locations in American history.

This tour is a great way to learn about American history while also understanding the connection between the Pilgrims & Puritans and the Nephites. Book your tour today!

Notice: This itinerary is subject to change.

Day 1 – Arrival, Monday October 10th 2022

Arrive at Boston Logan International Airport

Make your way to the hotel. You can visit various sites around Boston as other tour members arrive.

Welcome dinner and presentation by your Guides, Russ & Heidi Barlow, and Jacob Householder. Meet the crew and learn why TruthSeekers!

Day 2 – Mayflower! Plymouth Plantation, Barnstable

Walk the shores once trod by the Pilgrims, imagining what life was like then. Listen as Russ & Jacob share their passion for history and the miracles manifested through God’s covenant. Discover the friendship forged in Plymouth between Squanto, Samoset and the Pilgrims. Visit the home of Joseph Smith’s famous ancestor, John Lathrop, and recognize the fulfillment of prophecy in Israel’s return to America! Explore Plymouth Plantation, and experience the covenant renewed!

Day 3 – Salem, a city of contrasts

The Lord once told Joseph Smith to study the founders of Salem, MA taking him to this controversial precolonial city. Named after the ancient city of Melchizedek, Salem is most famous for the witch trials, but it is also the place where the Smith family began in America. We’ll uncover the truth behind Salem’s history, and we’ll catch some sandy beach time at Singing Sand Beach before turning in.

Day 4 – Boston – Freedom Walk

This is a place so filled with history it’s impossible to take it all in. Our stops will include Paul Revere’s house where we can talk about his family heritage (his father was a French Huguenot). We will visit the site of the Boston massacre, the Old North Church, and Copps Hill, where Cotton Mather and his Father, Increase Mather, are buried. Theirs is a story of Christ’s ministry in the New World!

Day 5 – Sunday, a day of rest in Central Park

Stroll the pathways and enjoy the wildlife in one of America’s most iconic parks. The LDS temple is across the street, and there is a city to explore if you wish. We will discuss church attendance as we get closer.

Day 6 – St Paul’s Trinity Church – Ground Zero – Lady Liberty

After his inauguration, George Washington walked to St. Paul’s church where he placed this new nation, America, under a renewed covenant. Experience the contrast between the little church that survived the massive blast and the sobering monument to all those who died on 9-11. Walk the edge of the water in Battery Park overlooking a stoic, iconic Statue of Liberty.

Day 7 – Crossing of the Waters, Independence Hall, Valley Forge

The great events on this Earth involve crossing water, whether it is across the ocean aboard the Mayflower or the Santa Maria, or across the Red Sea on dry ground with Moses, God’s people have symbolically crossed over water to achieve a promised land. The tide of the revolutionary war changed when General Washington crossed the waters of the Delaware in 1776. See where the American covenant began and where it was forged in the hearts of the men who gave their all.

Day 8 – Washington DC & The Lincoln Memorial

The symbolism of Washington’s namesake city is extraordinary. Our visit here takes us to the Lincoln memorial to learn how the Civil War represents a breach of the Covenant between the American people and God. The Civil War holds extraordinary clues about the things we are facing in our nation today. As God so often says in the scriptures, “Remember, remember…” There are many memorials in Washington, DC!

Day 9 – Palmyra, Cumorah, & The Smith Family Farm

Although we will visit the traditional sites in the Palmyra area, today we will seek out the contrast in this area by visiting the birthplace of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as the Millerites (7th Day Adventists), and the Spiritualist movement. We will also visit the Smith Family farm to learn how this family farm provides extraordinary testimony of the industriousness of Joseph Smith’s family. We’ll learn little-known, but fascinating, stories from these sites; if you’ve been to Cumorah before, this will likely be a brand new experience! 

Day 10 – Niagara Falls, Modern Science, & Harmony PA

Feel the explosive power and witness the breathtaking speed of the water thundering over these ancient cliffs. Juxtaposed against this iconic backdrop, we explore the competing worldview of Biblical Creation and man’s philosophies about the Earth’s origins—dramatically brought into conflict by the publishing of two books that have shaped the world today. By evening, we will travel to the home of Joseph Smith’s father-in-law where Joseph & Oliver Cowdery completed the first set of gold plates. This is a unique look into this part of Church history. 

Day 11 – NK Whitney Store, Kirtland Temple

The NK Whitney store provided a place where the Prophet Joseph Smith could commune with Heaven, providing us with insights and instructions still as important today as it was when the Prophet first received them. At our final destination, we will explore the fulfillment of a number of promises from God to many prophets of old. The Covenant-filled Kirtland era resulted in the building of an edifice loaded with symbolism that stood as a major milestone in the Restoration. It was also marked with the dark shadow of apostasy and division. Understanding this contrast is paramount to our understanding of the gospel today. We end the day with dinner and great conversation among newly struck friendships.  

Day 12 – Travel home from Cleveland International Airport.

As you travel home, reflect on the testimony born of rock and history as you review the events of the past few days. It is our hope that you will return with renewed vigor in your search for truth and your love for the Savior. Thank you, fellow TruthSeeker!


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