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Covenant Path

From Adam, to Noah, to Nauvoo

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TruthSeekers Adventures  tours provide private transportation for all tour reservations

Guided Tour

TruthSeekers Adventures tours are unique and immersive, combining science, history, and the ancient world. Each tour is led by knowledgeable guides


Experience the joy and freedom of a faith that is real, exciting, inviting and life changing.

Meet the team!

Russ Barlow

Russ Barlow, Director of TruthSeekers Adventures, author and editor of many books, including the Universal Model, and other Church history books is the lead guide for all TruthSeekers adventure tours.

Heidi Barlow

Heidi Barlow, Director of TruthSeekers Academy, is a homeschool mother of 15, herbalist, natural healer, and talented pioneer woman brings her knowledge to bear on our tours.

Hannah Stoddard

Hannah Stoddard, Director of the Joseph Smith Foundation, author, producer of 7 feature-length documentaries, and a vibrant historical researcher, brings her extensive knowledge and intensity to our Covenant Path tours.

Robert Wright

Robert Wright, Founder of the Flood Museum in Nauvoo, Illinois, author, and guide of many places related to Church history and Noah’s Flood provides wonderful insight and spirituality on our tours.  

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